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The Scottish Government has passed legislation to change how Council Tax charges operate for houses classified as being in Council Tax bands E to H. This change starts in April 2017

Council Tax is applied across a range of bands from A to H with all bands having a relationship with band D. This relationship is known as the multiplier.  The forthcoming changes are in relation to the Council Tax multipliers for properties in bands E to H.  Properties in bands A to D are not affected by this change.

The table below shows the effects of these changes made to Council Tax charges for band E to H properties:

Council Tax Changes in 2017/18


Current Charge (year 2016/17)

Increased Charge (year 2017/18)[1]

Increase Amount

Percentage Change






















Please also note that the table above does not include Scottish Water charges for water and wastewater.  We have been advised that Scottish Water is increasing its charges for water and wastewater by 1.6% for 2017/18.

If you would like to check what band your property falls under this can be done on the Scottish Assessors website:


Low Income Household Assistance

Council Tax reduction is available to assist residents whose personal circumstances include unemployment, disability, low pay and inability to work because of disability or caring commitments. The Scottish Government have introduced changes to the Council Tax reduction scheme for those households in bands E to H who have low income (not more than £25,000 annually or £16,750 for a single person with no dependent children) and have less than £16,000 in savings which would negate the effect of the increase caused by the new multiplier.

You should note that even if you do not currently qualify for Council Tax reduction, under the new rules you may be entitled to assistance.

If you think that you may qualify for the Council Tax reduction, it is suggested that you should apply as soon as possible, which would allow the Council where possible, to process these applications in time to be included in the 2017/18 annual demand notice.  If this is not done then an application can be made at any time and a replacement notice will be issued at the earliest opportunity reflecting any reduced Council Tax bills, however claims can only be backdated one month for working age customers and three months for pension age customers.

If you are a low income household and already in receipt of Council Tax Reduction then you do not need to re-apply; the 2017/18 Council Tax annual demand notice will include any reduction you are entitled to.

You can make an application for Council Tax Reduction online. Alternatively, you can call 01389 738555 or attend any of our One Stop Shops to request a form. If you already receive Council Tax Reduction you do not need to submit an application for this.

Other Support Available:

If you are having difficulty in paying your Council Tax the following support is available:

  • Option to spread payments over 12 months rather than 10 by calling 01389 737444
  • Confidential money and budgeting advice from Working 4 U by calling 01389 738296

Council Tax Demand Notices

2017/18 Council Tax Demand notices will be issued in mid-March 2017 and include the Scottish Government multiplier changes, the Council Tax set by the Council and any entitlement to council tax reduction and Scottish Water charges.