In the second round of community budgeting in West Dunbartonshire 9 events were held from May/early June and all of the projects have now been advised of the outcome of the events. The fund will support a variety of projects to improve their local areas including community gardens, improvements to buildings, IT and sports equipment and a range of other projects supported by local residents through this process.

For further details of results for your area, please select your area from the list below:

Alexandria, Renton, Balloch & Haldaneevent on 23rd May

Old Kilpatrick - over 2 events held on 24th May & 1st June

Kilmaronock - event on 25th May

Bonhill & Dalmonach, Dumbarton Northevent on 30th May

Faifleyevent on 31st May

Bowling & Miltonevent on 1st June

Dalmuir & Mountblow - event on 5th June

Parkhall, North Kilbowie & Central, Clydebank East, Duntocher & Hardgateevent on 6th Jun

Dumbarton East & Central, Dumbarton Westevent held on 7th June

We were extremely pleased to see the numbers of local residents who attended these events, including young people who were able to vote this time, and also those who were not able to attend but sent their votes in advance or up until midnight after the events.

Thanks to those who took part, voted, completed forms to tell us their thoughts and future organisation of such events and gave their contact details for future and for Your Community action planning in their area.

If you would like to discuss anything further in relation to the above, please contact a member of the Communities Team at communitybudgeting@west-dunbarton.gov.uk or yourcommunity@west-dunbarton.gov.uk. You can also contact us by telephone on 01389 737269.