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Published 07 January 2013

West Dunbartonshire Council has become one of the first Councils in Scotland to introduce a monthly telephone survey asking local residents what they think of its services.

The rolling survey will let the Council know how satisfied they are with key services such as waste collection, schools, roads, social work and the website.

Telephone SurveyThe survey will also ask residents if they feel they are getting value for money from the Council, and if their opinions are being listened to.

The findings from this research will be used to see how well West Dunbartonshire Council is delivering services and help decide what needs to change in the future. The data it provides will also allow the Council to compare its performance with other Councils.

The telephone survey will be conducted by an independent social research company called ibp Strategy & Research who will contact 100 residents every month from across the area.

The survey will complement existing work undertaken by the Citizens Panel and its benefits include:

  • a better response rate than postal surveys
  • a better ability to manage the sample group so that all demographic groups are well represented
  • by collecting the data every month it gives the Council  up-to-date information so it can respond immediately
  • the nature of the survey allows questions to be changed periodically to focus on seasonal or topical issues

The first surveys will begin in January and take approximately 5 minutes. Residents will be asked for their name and address before being invited to give their opinion on the Council and its services.

Answers are anonymous and won't be attributed to individuals. Residents also won't be asked to provide any personal details.

Councillor Kath Ryall, Convener of Corporate Services, said: "'This is a great opportunity for people to tell us what they think of us and how they feel about Council services. I urge anyone who is asked to complete a survey to take time to give us their views, as this will help us to improve the services which we provide to residents."

Councillor Thomas Rainey, Depute Convener of Corporate Services, said: "What our residents think of Council services really matters to us and that is why we are introducing this rolling monthly telephone survey. This will give us really up to date information on satisfaction from a wide demographic, and that will allow us to intervene quickly when necessary to improve matters, and also identify examples of best practice for others to follow."

If residents would like to actively contribute they can fill in an on-line version of the survey via the Consultation section of the Council's website.