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Published 04 November 2016

Councillors are to consider writing off £38,000 of irrecoverable debt owed for Council Tax and Council services.

Uncollectable Council Tax debt dating back to 1996 of £36,994 is due by residents who died with no estate to pay the money. A further £1,080 is owed by residents or organisations for Council services including repairs, community alarms, hall and park lets which is no longer legally enforceable because of the time elapsed.

Members of the Corporate Services Committee will decide on Wednesday 9 November whether to agree to remove the debt from the Council’s books or not.

Last year the Council collected 94.45% of the £46.6 million Council Tax owed to the Council and also recovered 80% of miscellaneous debt worth £18.5 million.

The Council vigorously pursues all outstanding debt through the Corporate Debt Team which takes appropriate action to recover money owed through various means available including using Debt Management Partners to help trace individuals and , and when all other avenues have been exhausted, sheriff officer involvement.

Strategic Director of Transformation and Public Service Reform, Angela Wilson, said: “Our staff work tirelessly to ensure all public monies owed to the Council are collected where possible.  Some of these debts go back more than 20 years and despite our best efforts, they are now deemed irrecoverable.

“It is the view of officers that these debts will not be recovered and should be written-off.

“If any new information comes to light, the Council will actively pursue this debt.”