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Published 23 February 2018

More than 2700 people have given their views on Council budget savings options.

The results of the budget consultation will be presented to councillors on 5 March and will help inform the Council budget for 2018/19, which will be set at the meeting.

The consultation, one of the largest in the Council's history, included an online survey, drop-in sessions and focus groups with representatives from community organisations in Alexandria, Dumbarton and Clydebank.

Residents, staff and other stakeholders were asked for their views on 16 savings options included in the draft administration budget, as well as 38 alternative options.

The proposals have been developed to address an estimated £13million budget gap over the next three years.

The results on the draft administration budget options were as follows:

  • Transferring cash payments to PayPoint and post offices (90.3% agree)
  • Increasing food export certificate charges (81.8%)
  • Reducing payments to parent councils (75.2%)
  • Increasing membership charges at Dalmuir Golf Course (74.9%)
  • Reducing funding to strategic partners (70.3%)
  • Removing summer bedding displays (69.7%)
  • Reducing cemetery maintenance (66.8%)
  • Reviewing grants to voluntary organisations (66.6%)
  • Removing the weekend litter squad (59.6%)
  • Reducing Park Maintenance (57.2%)
  • Reducing the Curriculum for Excellence budget (57.1%)
  • Withdrawing school crossing patrols from junctions where pedestrian crossings exist (53.1%)
  • Reducing discretionary rates relief for charities (50.7%)
  • Reductions to central spend on recreational activity (49%)
  • Reductions in the devolved school budgets (35%)
  • Review of waste services (29.6%)

The results on the alternative options were:

  • Identifying areas in parks and open space for biodiversity (77.3% agree)
  • Reducing the number of paid Trade Union Convener posts (74.4%)
  • Removing additional education maintenance payments (73%)
  • Reviewing the provision of Christmas Trees (73%)
  • Reviewing community facilities operated by West Dunbartonshire Leisure Trust (68.8%)
  • Reviewing the Council grass cutting service (64.2%);
  • Centralising registration services in Dumbarton (63.4%)
  • Removing school clothing top up grant (58%)
  • Reviewing charges for special uplifts (57.7%)
  • Ceasing the golf Pro-Am event (57.3%)
  • Reduce devolved school budgets by 5% (31.1%)
  • Reduce devolved school budgets further (14.5%)
  • No reduction to devolved budgets (54.4%)
  • Review School Meal Provision to introduce pre-packaged meals into school lunches (33.3%)
  • Provide a sandwich lunch on Fridays (43.7%)
  • School Crossing Patrols to be delivered by volunteers (34.7%)
  • Close Dalmuir Municipal Golf Course Completely (20.1%)
  • Reduce Dalmuir Municipal Golf Course to a 9 hole (40.6%)
  • Disagree with both Golf Course options (39.3%)
  • Review the provision of Festive Lighting (49.8%)
  • Reduction in street cleaning in all areas (17.2%)
  • Reduction in street cleaning in some areas (41.4%)
  • Disagree with both options (41.4%)
  • Removal of Care of Gardens (38.3%)
  • Operate a single household waste recycling centre for West Dunbartonshire (37.2%)
  • Cease gritting of priority footways during winter (9.5%)
  • Cease Loch Lomond games (19.7%)
  • Cease Scottish Pipe Band Championship (17.4%)
  • Cease Firework Displays (25.8%)
  • Cease Christmas light Switch On (42.2%)
  • Do not cease any events (30.6%)
  • Stop providing Nightzone during the festive season (32.6%)
  • Remove Discretionary rates relief for charities (26.7%)
  • Apply Full rates for National Charities (37.1%)
  • Neither option re: charities (36.2%)
  • Remove the Elderly Welfare Grant (43.5%)
  • Increase Council Tax by 4% (33.68%) 
  • Grit additional footways and pavements across West Dunbartonshire (51.4%)

Councillor Ian Dickson, Convener of Corporate Services, said: "I want to thank everyone who took part in this year's budget consultation. We're committed to engaging with our communities and the feedback we have received through this process will help to inform the decisions councillors make when we set the budget in March."

Councillors will decide which measures should be implemented at the Council's Budget Meeting on Monday, 5 March, at 2pm in Clydebank Town Hall.