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Published 16 August 2018

A volunteer group who provide low cost holidays to people in need have been honoured at a Civic Reception.

Provost William Hendrie invited volunteers from Clydebank Group Holidays to Clydebank Town Hall to recognise their efforts.

The group recently celebrated 30 years of sending elderly people and disadvantaged families to enjoy caravan holidays in Fife.

Margaret Campbell, letting officer at the Project, initially got involved in the project through her late husband Graham, who was one of the original founders.

Provost Hendrie told the group they provided a “lifeline” to people who otherwise would never get a break.

He said: “Many of us take our annual holiday for granted, but it is simply not affordable for many of our residents in West Dunbartonshire.

“But thanks to Margaret and her team, low-income families have experienced what it feels like to get away from it all for a few days.

“Pensioners, many who struggle to get out and about in the same way as they once have, have been able to escape to enjoy a break on the coast of Fife.

“Their offer of low cost holidays have been a lifeline for so many people.”

The Civic Reception was organised after Councillor Marie McNair moved a motion to congratulate the project on their anniversary back in May.

The non-profit organisation, founded in 1988, has been funded by the National Lottery, Glasgow Airport and St Nicholas Care Funds.

They own a static caravan in Sandylands, Fife, which can be hired for a week at a small cost.