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Published 12 February 2019

The Cultural Committee of West Dunbartonshire will consider exciting proposals to install a lift at Alexandria Library and create a museum space which will celebrate the town and area’s cultural heritage.

The project will also see multi-purpose rooms created for community use.

The Alexandria Library building, which dates from 1884, is one of the most popular branches in West Dunbartonshire but has no disabled access to the first-floor and this project will seek to remedy that issue.

Malcolm Bennie, Strategic Lead for Communications, Culture and Communities, said: “This proposal would open up the first-floor of Alexandria Library to those with accessibility issues for the first time.  The new museum would celebrate the history of Alexandria and provide a new attraction for visitors to the area. And the new multi-use space would have numerous benefits the local community and the library offer.”

Councillors will decide on the proposal at the Cultural Committee Meeting on 25 February.