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We are committed to publishing information that helps you judge the performance of your Council.

Annual Report 2014/15

Our Annual Report 2014/15 looks at how we have performed against the priorities set out in our five year Strategic Plan.  It tells you what we achieved in 2014/15 and our plans for the coming year. It also looks at how we used our resources to help deliver our priorities, including how we spent the money available to us.

Strategic Plan Performance 2014/15

Progress towards our Strategic Plan priorities is measured using a range of performance indicators (PIs). You can view our performance in a number of ways:

Key Performance Indicators 2014/15

We monitor and manage almost 100 key PIs for a range of areas set out by Audit Scotland such as revenue and service costs, community care, housing, education and waste management. Our Key Performance Indicators 2014/15 report sets out full details for all key PIs in a tabular format.

Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF) 

All 32 councils are measuring a common set of PIs called the Local Government Benchmarking Framework. Using the same indicators across all councils allows us to compare our performance so that we can identify best practice, learn from each other, and improve what we do.  

You can view the 2014/15 data to see how West Dunbartonshire Council compares to other councils in Scotland. 

Departmental Performance Information


Partnership Performance Information

Community Planning West Dunbartonshire (CPWD) agreed a new Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) in February 2014, covering the period 2014-17.  The SOA and associated progress reports can be found on the Our Performance webpage

Action plans for improving outcomes across the four priority areas set out in the SOA were also agreed:

If you want to know more about our performance, have something to say about our reports or how you would prefer to receive this kind of information in future, please contact us.