2018/19 West Dunbartonshire Council Budget

Thank you for taking time to visit the consultation page for the 2018/19 West Dunbartonshire Council Budget.

We are asking for your views on a range of savings options which have been identified across the Council.  These options will help us close the budget gap – the difference between how much funding the Council receives and how much it actually costs to provide our services to the public. The projected budget gap for 2018/19 is £1.099m and this will rise to £11.996m for 2020/21.

The savings options included in this consultation cannot be introduced without the approval of Councillors at the Budget meeting in February 2018. Your views on the options presented will help inform your Councillors when they take their decisions on how best to close the budget gap. 

This financial challenge is something facing every Council in Scotland, and residents across the country are considering similarly difficult decisions. While difficult decisions have to be made, it is important to stress that our priority will be to protect the frontline services our residents most rely upon, and to ensure we can support our most vulnerable citizens. 

From a long list of options, the Council Administration has indicated which options they propose to take to close the budget gap. These are presented through the consultation in the section titled Council Administration preferred savings . There are a number of additional options on the long list which have been generated as alternatives to close the gap. These are presented in the section Alternative options.  In addition to these savings proposals there are options on generating income and a proposal for investment.

Following the consultation period all Councillors will be given the results of this consultation along with any additional comments provided on the proposed Administration options, and the additional options, to allow them to determine the best way forward. 

For each savings option we have provided detail on the saving to be made and the likely impact of this. If you disagree with an option proposed by the Administration, we will ask you to choose an alternative savings proposal from the list provided. While these decisions are challenging it is important that we use our resources in the best possible way to support our residents.

This survey will remain open until Monday 5 February 2018.  Results will be report to Council at the budget setting meeting in March.  

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If you are unable to complete the survey as a result of an accessibility issue, please email engagement@west-dunbartonshire.gov.uk and we will support you with an appropriate solution specific to your needs.

Additional Information

Question 18, voluntary organisations receiving grants:

  • South Drumry Neighbourhood Association
  • Double L Centre
  • Clydebank Group Holidays
  • Age Concern Dumbarton
  • Crosslet Centre
  • Women Moving On
  • Dumbarton & District Womens Aid
  • Bankie Talk
  • Gareloch Riding for the Disabled
  • WD Community Care Forum
  • Linnvale Lifelong Learners
  • Dalmonach CC Group
  • Dumbarton West Out of School Care
  • Silver Sunday
  • WD Sports Council
  • WD Epilepsy Support Group
  • Music in Hospitals
  • Lomond & Clyde Care and Repair
  • Clydebank Blitz Memorial Group
  • Dumbarton Stations Improvement Trust

Question 19, strategic partners under consideration:

  • Antonine Sports Centre
  • Independent Resource Centre
  • West Dunbartonshire CAB
  • Home From Home
  • Alternatives
  • Victim Support West Dunbarton
  • WRVS
  • Clydebank Asbestos Group
  • Shop mobility
  • Tullochan Trust
  • Y Sort It
  • Environmental Trust
  • Care and Repair