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A new draft Homelessness Strategy 2017-2020 is out for consultation. The strategy sets out what the Council will do to try to prevent homelessness from happening, how we will provide support to ensure that people stay in their homes and the information and advice we will provide about a range of housing options.

Please complete the survey monkey questionnaire by 16 January 2017. It will only take 10 minutes


In 2015/16

  • Three quarter of homeless presentations were from single people

  • A third were from young people under 25

  • A third of households became homeless as they were asked to leave their current accommodation

  • A quarter of households assessed as homeless had a mental health support need

The focus in this homeless strategy is very similar to the previous one. The main focus is on

  1. Housing Options
  2. Prevention
  3. Tenancy Sustainment and housing support
  4. Temporary accommodation

Each of the above has been incorporated into the draft strategy and a questionnaire has been developed on the survey seeking your feedback.


Following the Consultation:

  • We will collate all the responses and make any appropriate changes to the document before sending the final draft to committee.

If you have any queries please contact Jennifer MacMahon on 01389 73 7721 or email


Consultation closes :
Mon 16 January 2017 11:59 PM