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Local Government Elections, Thursday 4 May 2017

Applications for poll staff for the above elections are now invited.

The hours of the poll will be 7am to 10pm and appointed staff must report to the polling place at least 30 minutes before the start of the poll. 

Fees to be paid are shown below and include a payment of £30 for attendance at a training session which will be held approximately 7-10 days before the elections.

Applicants must not be active at or about the elections on behalf of any of the candidates or parties, nor be related to any candidate.

Application Form

Submission of an approved application form does not guarantee an appointment.

Letters of appointment will be issued to successful applicants at least 4 weeks before the day of poll.

Please note that if you are appointed there is no guarantee that you will be allocated to work in the polling place where you would normally vote.  You should therefore consider applying for a postal vote to secure your own vote 

Apply for a Postal Vote




Presiding Officer No.1

£260 gross

Presiding Officer

£240 gross

Poll Clerk

£160 gross

Joyce White

Returning Officer

January 2017