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Local Support Groups for women, children and young people experiencing violence within the home or/an intimate relationship.  For information, support contact any of the following agencies.

Dumbarton Women's Aid offers Refuge, support, advocacy and counselling for women, children and young people.
Tel: 01389 751036

Clydebank Women's Aid offers support, advocacy and refuge for women, children and young people.
Tel: 0141 952 8118

CEDAR Domestic Abuse Recovery 4-16
A Groupwork programme for mothers, children and young people.

CARA Project - support to information advocacy for women

Women's Survivors Group -SILK Group - for more information contact Tel: 01389 738595 or Tel: 01389 738278

Women's Safety Support Service  offers support to women who are experiencing or have survived domestic abuse and if the offence has been referred to court or if you or a partner are receiving criminal justice social work services.

Contact:  01389 738484 and ask to speak to the Women's Safety Support Officer.