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Thursday 6 April ( 18:30 - 19:30 )

Clydebank Museum & Art Gallery , Reception Hall

This talk is part of a wider programme of activity associated with Clydebank Museum & Art Gallery's current exhibition: A Stitch in Time - the Story of the Sewing Machine. Access to the exhibition will be available in the hour prior to the talk commencing.

A Stitch in Time - the Story of the Sewing Machine tells the story of the sewing machine from its invention in the mid-19th century to its far-reaching economic and social impact throughout the remainder of that century and into the next. Alongside examples of sewing machines by various manufacturers are displayed some of the garments and accessories that these ingenious machines were used to make – helping to illustrate just how significant an invention the sewing machine was.

Tuula's talk will reference two dresses from West Dunbartonshire's own museum collection that were recently conserved, in preparation for display in the exhibition. She will discuss the challenge of preserving historic textiles, and the processes required to make them ready for display.

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