Saturday 5 May ( 19:30 - 20:30 )

Clydebank Town Hall , Clydebank

Amidst a vast, cascading expanse of ocean, a tiny boat is tossed through rolling waves and thundering storms, a speck amidst immense turbulent seas. Steadily rowing forward into nothingness is a fisherman. Sailing to nowhere, he looks out as the darkness looms and prepares himself to leap...
But before he can jump out, something else jumps in.

Fisk is the story of a man and a fish, and the unexpected impact they have upon one another.
Multi-award winning Tortoise in a Nutshell weave puppetry, movement and intricate design to create world class visual theatre. Examining themes of depression, support and interconnection, Fisk draws audiences into an atmospheric and immersive world, on a journey which will find joy in even the deepest and darkest of depths.