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Saturday 20 July to Saturday 10 August ( 21:16 )

Balloch Castle & Country Park , Balloch Castle & Country Park

weeSTEMs lead fun and creative outdoor STEM sessions for kids and families.

Each session will encourage children to explore a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths) concept at their own pace and through their own means of enquiry. At weeSTEMs there is no wrong way to explore and learn.

Children are brilliant scientists and so each session is a mix between free-play and structured learning. Being a qualified primary school teacher, I tailor each session to suit the ages that are attending. Younger learners focus on scientific enquiry through sensory exploration whereas older learners will build and develop their own theories and then test them out.

Naturally, sessions will also develop language skills, fine- and gross-motor-skills, hand-eye coordinations, following instructions, working cooperatively, and a sense of scientific wonder.

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