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If you live in a tenement or multi-storey flat you can recycle your glass products using white bags which are collected by Greenlight Environmental. Your white recycling bags should be kept in your home and placed out on your landing on your day of collection every two weeks. Please do not leave your recycling bags on your landing or any other communal area outwith your collection day as this is a fire risk.

In your white bag you can recycle all of your glass bottles and jars of any colour including:

  • Whisky, gin, vodka bottles
  • Beer, cider, lager bottles
  • Wine bottles
  • Vinegar/Worcester sauce bottles
  • Pasta sauce jars
  • Pickle/beetroot jars
  • Coffee jars
  • Baby food jars

Please ensure that bottles and jars are rinsed out and do not contain any food residue