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Phase 2  - From 19 June

  • People who are shielding are able to leave their home for exercise (from 18th June) and to meet with 1 other household outdoors (max 8 people in total) with physical distancing. People who are shielding can take part in non-contact outdoor activities such as golf, hiking, fishing etc.
  • People who are not shielding can now meet with more households outside. Limit increased from meeting 1 other household to meeting 2 households; 8 person overall limit and need for physical distancing remains.
    They can also use toilets indoors while visiting the outdoors of another household. (Hygiene measures are essential.)
  • Certain household types can now meet others indoors in an ‘extended household’.
  • People should continue to stay in their local area (broadly within five miles) as much as possible and should not travel further for leisure or recreation.

Further information is available to the Scottish Government Website