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View your Council Tax account on My West Dunbartonshire

My West Dunbartonshire allows you to request and receive services online using your computer or smartphone, any day of the week, when it's most convenient for you. Once you have signed up, click on 'MyAccount' to start viewing your Council Tax account details and sign up/view e-billing.


Council Tax is a local charge on all households and pays for local services such as schools, libraries, leisure facilities and refuse collection. The amount you pay depends on how much the property you live in is worth.

How bands are set

Your Council Tax bill includes charges for both water and waste water (sewerage) services. 

We collect these charges on Scottish Water's behalf and will be shown on your bill. For further information on these charges, please call the Scottish Water helpline on 0800 0778 778 or go to Scottish Water.


Council tax banding 2016/17
Band Council Tax Water Sewerage Total
A* £685.46 £114.20 £132.60 £932.26
A £822.55 £137.04 £159.12 £1,118.71
B £959.65 £159.88 £185.64 £1,305.17
C £1096.74 £182.72 £212.16 £1,491.62
D £1233.83 £205.56 £238.68 £1,678.07
£1621.12 £251.24 £291.72 £2,164.08
F £2004.97 £296.92 £344.76 £2,646.65
G £2416.25 £342.60 £397.80 £3,156.65
H £3022.88 £411.12



* - Band A property entitled to the Disabled Banding Reduction

How much you pay depends on which band your house is in. Each band is calculated as a proportion of band D. These proportions are decided by Scottish Assessors Association.