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Published 25 October 2018

Sporting hero Lachie Stewart returned to the Meadow Centre last week to personally thank staff who helped save his life after he suffered a cardiac arrest while swimming.

He met with Ali Smith, Veronica Cole, Craig Dillon, Mark Meechan, Susan Pierce and Michael McCallum, who all played a part in his rescue in July.

Lachie, who won gold for Scotland at the 1970 Commonwealth Games, told the staff he couldn’t thank them enough during his emotional return, and said he wants to be back in the pool as soon as he is fit.

Craig Dillon, senior leisure attendant with West Dunbartonshire Leisure Trust, said: “It was a proud moment for our team to welcome Lachie back to the Meadow Centre, especially when he has come on so much since July.

“I don’t think he can wait to get back into the pool. He has been talking about attending the rehabilitation classes we run which will be a good start for him.

“We receive training every month, so as a team we were well equipped to deal with the situation and help ensure a good outcome for Lachie.”

Susan Pearson, who also attended to Lachie, added: “Lachie was a regular visitor to the Meadow Centre before this, so it has been really emotional seeing him again.

“Our reaction to the incident was automatic because that is what we are trained to do. We are so glad that we could help Lachie and he is recovering well.”