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It’s important that as many tenants as possible are involved in discussions to help us review what we do and improve services.  It is also really important that people can see that their views have been taken into account and that outcomes from consultations are fed back to respondents. We will feedback directly to respondents but the table below brings together information on last year's consultations. We also use our quarterly newsletter Housing News to publicise outcomes.


Housing Consultation Calendar 2017
Name of Consultation Purpose of Consultation start and finish Outcomes Feedback and evidence
Annual rent consultation The Council has a statutory duty to consult with tenants about the rent it charges. We are also improving transparency around the Housing Revenue Account and the decisions behind setting rent levels. 25 October 2018 - 22 January 2019 Public meeting on 27/11/18 agreed 3 options to be considered. Options survey sent to all tenants along with Winter edition of Housing News. Preferred option of 2% was recommended and agreed by Council 14/2/19.
2017/18 Annual Charter Performance Report for Tenants and other customers The Council reports our performance against the Outcomes outlined in the Scottish Social Housing Charter on an annual basis in October each year. The style, format and content of the report was developed in conjunction with tenants and each year we seek feedback to see where improvements can be made. 1 November 2018 – 31 January 2019 Self-assessment of performance was shared with the Scrutiny Panel and this informed their focus of activity for 2018/19. All tenants were given an opportunity to provide feedback via survey link in the report.
West Dunbartonshire Design Standard for Housing  - Review 2018 The Council is seeking to improve its Design Standard for new Council and Housing Association homes which was approved in November 2015. May 2018 - 
November 2018
Changes to the Design standard following consultation were,
  • Stipulating required floor areas to ensure that better space standards are achieved.
  • A requirement, rather than encouragement, that 10% of all the new housing be wheelchair standard or other specialist unless there are particular circumstances which would prevent this.
  • Including Dementia Friendly elements which can be “mainstreamed” into all new homes and not just specialist ones.
  • Future-proofing measures to improve the flexibility of the new homes over the longer term.
  • Providing additional advice on external areas
February 2019 Housing and Communities Committee report
Review of timescale for more serious Anti-social behaviour cases. Current locally agreed target timescale for all ASB cases is to resolve within 28 days. For more serious and complex cases this is very difficult, particularly when legal action is required. Views on proposal to increase the timescale for more serious cases to a more realistic timescale being sought.    Volunteers for small focus group recruited from WDTRO to discuss issue and a single question public survey used to gauge tenants view on proposal. Survey advertised through social media and 118 responses from tenants received with 83 % in favour of the timescale remaining as 28 days.
  • Update published on Facebook
  • Update provided in Summer Housing News