Dumbarton town centre was founded as a royal burgh by King Alexander II back in 1222, almost exactly 800 years ago.  It’s been a centre of trade and community life ever since.  Although there aren’t any buildings still standing from 1222, there is lots of fascinating history and heritage from the intervening 800 years – if you know where to look.

The Council has commissioned a specialist team led by Fiona Sinclair Architect to produce what’s called a Conservation Area Appraisal during 2021, focusing on Dumbarton Town Centre Conservation Area.  Despite the technical title, it will be really important because it will help find funding to preserve and improve the town centre’s history and heritage.  That would be good for the town centre, good for the community and good for business.


We’d like your help.  For now, please answer just three questions by clicking/press on the button below – to help us understand what people value most about the town centre’s history and heritage:

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Thank you. Please encourage any friends and family to answer the questions too. 

Later in the year, we’ll share people’s answers and suggest some initial ideas for preserving and improving heritage.  Keep an eye on this web page for updates!

If you’d like to find out more or be kept updated, please contact Nick Wright by phone (07900 334110) or email (nick@nickwrightplanning.co.uk).