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Bin collection

From Monday 30 March we’re going to collect general waste (grey/green/black) bins only and these will be collected weekly rather than fortnightly. All residents should present their household (grey/green/black) bin each week on the usual collection day.

As the service is moving to weekly, additional bags will not be required or uplifted.

There will be no recycling collection during this period so please do not present blue or brown bins.

Recycling Centres: Ferry Road and Dalmoak are now closed until further notice

Report a missed bin (this should take around 2 minutes)

Your bin may not have been emptied, if at collection time:

  • the bin did not have a fully closed lid  
  • not presented on the kerbside by 6.30am on the day of collection
  • not presented on the correct collection day
  • contained contaminated material

You can find out your collection day using the Bin Collection Calendar.

Full Bin

Your green/black bin will not be collected if it is overfilled resulting in the lid not closing fully. In this case you will have to dispose of your excess waste yourself. This can be taken to one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Contaminated Bin

If the bin was labelled contaminated, you will be visited by a Community Waste Officer within 3 working days, who will confirm the reason why the bin was not emptied and offer advice and guidance.

The Community Waste Officer will then arrange for the bin to be emptied, if required.

Oversight by our collection team

If a bin is missed due to operator oversight, it will be collected within 3 working days of it being reported to Fleet and Waste Services.

You can also report a missed bin by

  • calling 0845 111 0050