What is a Letter of Comfort?

On occasions unauthorised works come to light when a property is due for sale.  In such circumstances Building Standards may be requested to inspect a property with a view to issuing a Letter of Comfort.

Letters of Comfort are only available for works carried out between June 1964 and 1 May 2005.  For works carried out after 1 May 2005 you must apply for a Certificate of Completion where no building warrant was obtained (LATCOM) and you should apply for this via the eBuilding Standards portal

A Letter of Comfort does not state that the works comply fully with the Building Regulations rather that the Local Authority has inspected the works and have no immediate concerns.

  • The fee for a Letter of comfort inspection is £286 for works with an estimated value of up to £10,000
  • For works with a value exceeding £10,000 the fee chargeable is as noted on the rear of the Letter of Comfort application form.
  • Any re-inspections required as a result of remedial works are charged at £85.

How to apply for a Letter of Comfort

You can apply for a Letter of Comfort by completing the application form and returning it to us:

Letter of Comfort Application

How to apply for a Letter of Comfort Re-inspection

If following our inspection of the work we are unable to issue a Letter of Comfort we will write to advise of any remedial work that requires to be carried out.  Once you have completed the remedial works a re-inspection application will require to be made and appropriate fee paid.

Letter of Comfort Re-inspection application

Further information on fees is available in the Letter of Comfort Guidance.

Pay online

You can pay the above applications online quickly and simply using the Council's website.

Payment of fees

Please ensure that you fill out the reference field (e.g. address of building warrant application), a valid debit or credit card and if you have an email account your email address to allow us to send your receipt.