What is it?

Data protection ensures that information held about you is processed in accordance with the rights provided in the Data Protection Act 1998. This safeguards and prohibits any non-compliant or unauthorised processing.

Your rights

The Act also gives you the right to:

  • Know what information is being held about you.
  • Know what your information is being used for and why.
  • Know where the information came from and who has accessed it.
  • Request access to your information.
  • Take action to block, rectify, erase or destroy inaccurate data.

Requests for information

(Subject Access Requests (SAR))

You can request access to find out what information West Dunbartonshire Council holds about you.

The Data Protection / Information Protection Officer,
Council Offices,
Garshake Road,
G82 3PU

Upon receipt of your request

  • Receive a response within 40 calendar days.
  • You will be asked to pay a fee of £10.
    • Please make cheques payable to 'West Dunbartonshire Council'.

Information Commissioner

Compliance with the Act is the responsibility of the Council and this is regulated by the Information Commissioner.