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Where can I get advice and support if I am homeless or going to be homeless?


If you are homeless, or about to be, our Homeless and Homelessness Prevention Service provides free advice and information to people who are concerned about their housing situation.  It doesn't matter if you are one of our tenants, a tenant of a housing association, a tenant of a private let or a home owner as everyone is entitled to it. 

You can come into one of our offices for a confidential chat with one of our caseworkers.

They will:

  • Advise you on your situation and what your housing options are
  • Prevent homelessness occurring where possible
  • Help you find somewhere to live
  • Provide housing support if required
  • Make sure people know about the services and support we can provide
  • Make sure people access settled accommodation as quick as possible

Housing Support

Our service includes a housing support service which aims to address issues surrounding tenancy sustainment and successful independent living.

The aims of the Housing Support Service

  • To prevent homelessness through the provision of person-centred housing support
  • To support households during their stay in temporary accommodation
  • To assist households to settle into permanent accommodation
  • To minimise the incidences of repeat homelessness
  • To promote and assist successful independent living

Access to Housing Support Service

Access to the Service is available by phoning 01389 608960 or our out of hours freephone 0800 197 1004.

Your rights

When using WDC Housing Support Service you have a right to:

  • Be treated with respect at all times
  • Make decisions about the type of support that you want
  • Have your privacy and confidentiality respected
  • Have your cultural, racial and spiritual needs valued and respected
  • Complain if you are not getting the help and support that you need or if any of the above rights are being taken away

Your responsibilities

  • To meet with your Support Worker at the pre-arranged times
  • To treat Support workers with respect at all times

Your Support Worker

  • You will have a named support worker who will make sure that you are getting all the support that you require from WDC Housing Support Service, and will refer you to external support providers as appropriate.
  • We are confident that your support worker will be someone you will get on with. If you are not happy with your Support Worker, you can ask for a change of worker and WDC Housing Support Service will try to make this happen.

The type of support that you can expect

  • Help with tenancy set up
  • Help with claiming benefits
  • Safety and Security
  • Assistance with developing budgeting, domestic and life skills
  • Assistance with developing social skills and expanding life choices
  • General counselling and emotional support
  • Advice, Liaison & Signposting
  • Housing Support Service Citizen Charter