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How do I join the library?

Visit your local library, we will need to see two forms of ID (one should contain your address). If you have no ID, or are just visiting the area, you can join as an 'Interim Member' which limits how many items you can borrow.

When you join West Dunbartonshire Libraries you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Under 14, need a parent or guardian signed consent form.

Membership categories

  • Junior - Age 0-11
  • Teen - Age 12-14
  • Young Adult - Age 15-17
  • Adult - Age 18+
  • Interim Member

Library services

When you join West Dunbartonshire libraries, you can:

  • Reserve and renew items online.    
  • Use eBooks and download free ebooks and magazines
  • Use e-Audio Books and download free audiobooks.
  • Access computers and the internet. All our libraries have computers with free internet access and Microsoft Office software.
  • Learn in libraries, we offer a wide variety of computer courses.
  • Borrow items from any West Dunbartonshire library.

Home / Housebound Library Service

The Housebound Library Service is for people who live in West Dunbartonshire who are unable to visit a branch or mobile library owing to age, disability or long term illness which normally confines them to their home. Please contact us for more information.