Secondary and some primary schools have facilities available to the public outside of school hours and school terms.

Our secondary schools have sports and other facilities which are available for you to let. School facilities are available for booking by individuals and groups. We will accept bookings for small conferences and other events, e.g. musical and charity events.

Facilities available vary from school to school, but include:

  • grass football pitches
  • all weather football and hockey pitches
  • a running track
  • a basketball court
  • a swimming pool
  • games and gym halls of varied sizes
  • a dance studio
  • classrooms
  • conference rooms (max 20).


Secondary school and primary school facilities are available during the letting session. 

  • Primary school facilities are available during the letting session only.
  • Secondary school facilities are available during the letting session and may also be available outwith the letting session.  

To access more details download document Dates of Letting Session in related links.

Please note that the outdoor facilities at Dumbarton Academy are not available for booking.

To make a booking

To make a booking you must first contact us on either 01389 737329 or 01389 737319 to check availability. 

Once let is agreed, we will send you the appropriate application form for you to complete and return by email or post at the contact details provided. You will receive confirmation of booking by email or in writing.

Please refer to the Letting Regulations 2017-18 before completion of the application form.

Please note:

  • letting requests should be made a minimum of one week before the date required
  • school events take priority over other lets, however, we will try to give you at least a weeks notice, occasionally your let may be cancelled at short notice
  • to cancel your let you must give at least 3 working days notice
  • if you do not arrive for your booking as arranged we will still charge you for the use of the facilities.

The Council's insurance does not cover any events or lets held on school premises. Therefore, groups and individuals must obtain their own Public Liability Insurance.

If you wish to have alcohol at an event you must apply for permission, please contact us on 01389 737340. You can also email us using the link available in the Contact Us section.

How to pay for your let

For sessional lets, invoices are sent out monthly. The invoice for occasional lets is sent out after the event.

There are several methods of payment. Details are provided on your invoice. However, you can now pay by telephone directly to Educational Services Letting section. Our contact telephone is provided in the Contact Us details.

If you fail to pay your invoices for lets for more than two months, your let may be stopped until the debt is cleared. Failure to pay will result in you losing your let and no future lets will be granted to you or your club. 

Contact details

If you would like to book any of these facilities please contact us.