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The Scottish Government, under the More Homes Scotland Agenda, believe the key to building and sustaining a fairer more prosperous Scotland is to increase the supply of new affordable homes.  There is a £3 billion commitment to deliver 50,000 new affordable homes in Scotland from 2017-2022

As an affordable housing developer West Dunbartonshire Council has developed a programme of planned new council homes, while supporting our housing partners in their new build programme.

2018 will see the completion of 40 new homes of different types and sizes at Singer Street, Clydebank and 44 new one and 2 bed flats, including 4 wheelchair units at Graham Avenue developed by Clydebank Housing Association.

West Dunbartonshire Council planned new Council housing 2018 - 2022 

New Council Homes
St Andrew’s High School 126
Creveul Court 15
Haldane Primary School 60
Aitkenbar Primary, Bellsmyre 60
Clydebank East ex MSF site 50
Clydebank Regeneration 50
Total 36 units 

These sites and numbers are subject to change.


Housing Associations working to meet the target of 1000 houses.

Housing Associations
Wheatley Group/Cube Housing Association
 Queens Quay, Clydebank


Westcliff, Dumbarton 50
Stirling Road, Bonhill 8
Dumbain Road/Carrochan Road 35
Clydebank Housing Association
Queens Quay, Clydebank 50
Dumbarton Road, Clydebank 36


Link Housing Association

Littlemill, Dumbarton Road, Bowling 33


Dunbritton Housing Association

Dumbarton Harbour 150
Golfhill Drive, Dalmonach 7
Cottage Hospital, Dumbarton 10


Caledonian Housing Association

Bellsmyre Regeneration Phase 1 and 2  60 (including 30 shared equity)
Dalquhurn, Renton Phase 4  20
Dalquhurn , Renton Phase 5 10
Mitchell Way, Alexandria 24
Muir Road, Bellsmyre 25
Highdykes Primary 25

These sites and numbers are subject to change.

If you are interested in proposed private housing developments please look at The Local Development Plan or The Local Housing Strategy.