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Advice and Support

Our job is to ensure that businesses comply with a wide range of consumer protection laws. If they don't comply they may be committing a criminal offence. If you believe that someone is not complying with consumer protection law, let us know and we can look into it.

The sort of things we can investigate include:

Product safety 

for example unsafe toys, household goods, cars, cosmetics, furniture or electrical goods.

Fair trading

for example misleading advertising, labelling or prices.

Debt and money

for example misleading credit adverts or incomplete credit agreements.

Weights and measures

such as short measure goods or inaccurate weighing machines.

Underage sales

such as the sale of cigarettes or fireworks to children.

Doorstep selling

for example cancellation rights, aggressive practices and scams.

Animal feeding stuffs and animal health & welfare

for example the records farmers have to keep.

Safe storage of petroleum, explosives and poisons


Consumer Advice

If you require consumer advice or would like assistance you may wish to contact our partners Citizens Advice Consumer Services.