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Your tenancy can come to an end in any of the following ways:

  • Ny you giving us 28 days notice using the online Notice of Termination of Tenancy Form form
  • By you giving us 28 days notice in writing by completing and returning the Notice of Termination of Tenancy form
  • By you and us agreeing, in writing, to end the tenancy
  • By us getting a court order to evict you;
  • By you moving out of the home without telling us
  • By you dying and nobody taking over the tenancy
  • By your tenancy being converted to a Short Scottish Secure Tenancy

If you want more information, please read your tenancy agreement or contact your housing officer.

Things to do before you leave:

  1. Contact your local housing office to make sure that your rent payments are up-to-date, If you have fallen behind with your rent you should clear your debt or make an arrangement to pay. If you don't, you may have difficulty when applying to be re-housed;
  2. Allow access to a maintenance officer to carry out an inspection of the property;
  3. Arrange for your mail to be sent on to your new address. You can get a mail redirection form from your local post office;
  4. Provide meter readings to your gas and electricity supplier;
  5. Arrange to have your phone disconnected;
  6. Contact our Council Tax staff to give them your new address;
  7. Make sure that you clear out your home and leave it clean and tidy; and
  8. Collect all the sets of keys used by your family and return them to your local housing office, before 10am on the last day of your tenancy. If you don't you may be charged additional weekly rent until the keys are returned to us.

The council will recharge you if we need to remove any unauthorised alterations. We will also recharge you if we need to remove goods, equipment, carpets or other floor coverings, rubbish, including garden debris from the property including loft and outbuildings. You will also be recharged for any bin bags left behind when we arrive to work on the property for the next tenant.

Contact us

  • Completing the online contact form
  • Calling 01389 608910 (Dumbarton /Alexandria) or 01389 608944 (Clydebank).