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Homeswapper - the new way to exchange your property

There may be households looking for a larger property, who would swap their smaller property for your larger property. If you are a tenant with the Council or any of the local Housing Associations in West Dunbartonshire you can register with HomeSwapper to exchange your property.

HomeSwapper is an online service that will hold details of mutual exchanges within West Dunbartonshire Council and elsewhere.

West Dunbartonshire Council have funded this service to enable West Dunbartonshire Council tenants to register free of charge. You can register via the internet at

Once you have registered, you will be able to pop online and view matches as well as HomeSwapper emailing them at regular intervals with details of suitable exchange partners. If a tenant does not have access to the internet, or would prefer not use a public computer, HomeSwapper will text them details of suitable exchange partners via their mobile phone.

Once you have found a match with another household please complete the application form and email it to or return it to your local housing office. The council will decide if you are eligible for a let once they have received the form. 

The below information explains in more detail about the mutual exchange process and the reasons why we can refuse you.

You can also apply for an exchange direct to West Dunbartonshire Council using the form below.

Apply for a mutual exchange

Who can Mutually Exchange?

A mutual exchange can take place between Scottish secure tenants of the same local authority, a different local authority, a housing association or any other registered social landlords. Tenants of a co-operative housing association must also be a member of the housing association before consent can be granted

Reasons we could refuse the application

We will not refuse an application unless it is reasonable to do so. Examples of when the application could be refused include:

  • Failure by the tenant to adhere to existing tenancy terms, for example serious anti-social behaviour and the behaviour is likely to continue should the exchange proceed
  • Having rent arrears, or any other housing debt, where there is no arrangement in place to repay the debt
  • The condition of the property is unacceptable
  • Failure by all joint tenants to apply for an exchange
  • Where the spouse has not consented to the exchange
  • The mutual exchange would result in overcrowding as outlined in West Dunbartonshire Council’s allocation policy
  • The house has been designed or adapted for a person whose special needs require such accommodation
  • The property is a tied house, that has been provided by the landlord for employment purposes
  • The property is not suitable to the needs of the tenant(s) and the tenant(s) family

The above list is not a definitive list and other reasons may exist for refusing exchange applications. We will give you our decision as soon as possible, and no longer than one month after we receive your application.

Contact us

  • Complete the online contact form
  • Call 01389 608910 (Alexandria and Dumbarton) or 01389 73 8644 (Clydebank)