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Applying for Housing

To apply for a Council property you have to be 16 or over and complete our application form.  We also have an application guide that gives help on filling in the form. 

You can apply for points by completing a medical needs and disability form if you have a permanent or long lasting condition or physical disability, which is made worse by your current accommodation. We have a medical guidance for applicants, which sets out the grades and criteria we use in assessing your application.

The application form asks you to choose areas and types of properties you are interested in. Listed below is our Housing Stock (figures last updated January 2016). These figures show the total number of properties that the Council owns, so includes tenanted properties. Where there are very low numbers of properties, it generally means the demand for these will be greater and so the longer the waiting list. For some areas and house types vacancies seldom occur. West Dunbartonshire Council let 1035 unfurnished properties last year (that is an average of 86 a month). 

Alexandria stock information

Dumbarton stock information

Clydebank stock information

Our allocation and advice staff can give advice on house types and areas most readily available so please get in touch with us.  You can phone, email or text the allocation team on:

01389 73 8282 (general enquiries)    

01389 60 8970 (Dumbarton/Alexandria) or 01389 73 7900 (Clydebank)

Text: 07909 890729 (Dumbarton/Alexandria) or 07899 076204 (Clydebank)

or E-mail us.

You can also use the links below for further information

The main Allocations Policy document is under review however the Allocation Policy Summary can be downloaded for information.

Housing allocations - low demand properties

Demand for our available stock varies. Certain property types and areas are less popular and so demand for them is less. This means some properties get allocated for few or no points.

If you are interested in getting a property as quickly as possible, then please contact the allocation teams on:

 01389 60 8970 (Dumbarton/Alexandria) or 01389 73 8254 (Clydebank)